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Welcome to Main PC

Main Computers main value is to develop long term relationships our clients.

At Main Computers aim to reduce your companies need for ad-hoc I.T support and ensure your maximised up-time through with high quality I.T maintenance. We know that IT Problems are an inconvenience to you and your business, So we aim to take that inconvenience off your shoulders.

Secure IT Solutions for a more secure environment.

We strive to give you our customer with top level support at a fraction of the cost! With a wide range of services that can help you and your business with custom package solutions.

Our Support Methods

Main Computers has 3 levels of support that we offer to you a valued customer.

Telephonic Support, this is our primary level of assisting you. If we can’t resolve the problem then we will move onto the second level of support.

Remote Support is a method for troubleshooting software related problems via a secure remote access session. If we are unable to assist you remotely or the problem doesn’t allow us to connect to your network or machine then we will move onto the third level of support.

Onsite Support, we will come through to your offices and resolve the problem or to your home if you require us to sort out your home networks..